The Rainforest Ranch has been my solace and my serenity. It has offered me a peaceful, and sacred space where I feel supported, loved, nurtured and most of all, I have come back to myself with, confidence and compassion.

~ Donnya Beedie

Cynthia Joy Lee, you have no idea how much your reading has helped me on my journey to forgiveness. I'd like to say that I knew he was with me all along. I can feel him every day and in a lot of different ways, especially when I'm cooking! Thank you for sharing you gift! Love, light and   many blessings!

Kayla H.

Cynthia Joy Lee, Oh my, this gave me goosebumps, this is my life right now.  Thank you so much for replying! This has brought a lot of light to me.


~ Adrian C

Cynthia Joy Lee thankyou so much all you said is right so for that I can't thankyou enough..I really want it..


                                                                             ~ Amanda F

Cynthia Joy Lee I see butterflies everytime I think about him or mention his name the butterflies appear n I know he his with me.. thankyou so much I really do appreciate it.1


~ Crissy P

Cyndi is amazing. Full of detail.  I truly am everything she says I am and do everything she says I do.  Thank you for sharing your wonderful gifts. Thank you for the reading! I’ve been meditating and trying to be more introspective since.  Tomorrow is the 18 year anniversary of my mothers death and I want to commune with her spirit.  I realize my mind is full of clutter and if I can just clear it and slow down then I have a better shot at it.  Something is around today for sure.  My pup is very aware.


~ Colleen G.


Thank you for this lovely testimony. It is always a joy to connect with you. 

I have had the privilege to experience many of Cynthia's profound and incredibly detailed channeling sessions.  She provided me with an immense amount of comfort as she speaks the words of passed loved ones. Although, at times, these messages have been very sensitive content, Cynthia delivers them with amazing accuracy to detail and extreme gentleness and insight.  Thank you Cynthia for sharing your gifts of love and light with me.


~ L.B.

Your gift of connection to those in both realms is impeccable.  It is your sincere desire to bring people to a place of true healing and this is evident in your humble, compassionate sharing of messages.  Your calling brought clarity and understanding in my journey to healing that really could not have been found any other way.  The precise detailed narrative of my preverbal past experiences connected the missing dots in my story.  I cannot express to you how grateful I am for your wisdom and gifts.

~ Judith S.